Effective Internet Presence For Your Small Business!

Does it really matter if you have a small business presence on the internet? Yes! Of course, more and more people nowadays are looking for businesses and organizations online, as a matter of fact more people now are using Google search engine more than they’re using the phone book.It makes sense because it’s fast and easy! You simply type in Google what you’re looking for, let’s say “Wal-Mart” then it will give you the results and you just choose the one that is closer to your house.So this just tells you if your small business doesn’t exist on the internet then you’re losing tons of business. Man, that’s a waste! Especially in these tough times your small business needs more customers than ever.So it is necessary for your business to have an effective internet presence in order to compete and to stay in business. But the big question is, “How can you have an effective internet presence for your small business?”That’s a great question because as you may know there’s like a gazillion websites and blogs on the internet already and if your presence is lousy then everything is useless. What you need to have is an effective web presence to stand out among everyone on the internet.Here’s what you need to do to stand out of the crowd and to be effective on the internet: first you need to setup a blog for your business and I would like to emphasize the “Blog” and not just the old school website (static) that does not do anything.You need a blog for your business because of the interactive nature of it that is needed in today’s internet business, Yes! You need to interact and engage with your market to let them know that you really care for them, and are ready to help and assist them.Just put yourself out there and be completely transparent. Now that your blog is setup what you need to do is brand your blog to your existing small business if you already have a logo use that on the header graphic and be consistent on color, look and feel.Also it is really powerful if you put a killer tag line that represents you or your business it should focus on exactly what your business does. You should also choose the right structure for your blog.Just great graphics design doesn’t work anymore many website on the internet today are sleek and impressive but that’s not enough you need to structure your blog where it will bring in more sales, subscriptions or generate leads.So be aware where you put your navigation bar, optin form and your content. You can run some testing to find out which structure is suited for your business. Now that everything is setup then what you should do next is provide valuable content.Make your readers feel comfortable and make them feel at home so you can connect with them directly, you can do this by telling your personal stories rather than make it a corporate environment or better yet create a video of yourself sharing your knowledge or expertise in the business.When your audience can see you and hear you talk that’s more personal and you connect with them directly, that’s very powerful and that’s how you’re going to stand out and have an “effective internet presence for your small business”.Guys all this stuff I’m talking about here is based on my years of experience and what really works on the internet. Even in tough times, blogging will continue to work regardless of the economy situation because we’re social human beings and as long as we’re alive we will engage and interact.This is what a blog does… Well I hope this helped and you get an idea that you can apply it to your own small business. Take care and love you guys!